How to Take Screenshots in Windows

Use the “Bluetooth” option to disable or enable Bluetooth. Dynamic Lock monitors the proximity of paired Bluetooth devices. If they move out of range of your computer, Windows will automatically lock your device. Once the devices are back within range, it will unlock again. Windows should automatically reinstall a new copy of the drivers when your machine reboots.

Before you can connect printers, headsets, and other devices to your computer wirelessly, you need to make sure Bluetooth is enabled. Sometimes Bluetooth devices can lose connection due to signal interference. This is because the radio frequencies most Bluetooth devices operate at are commonly used by other devices and appliances, including microwaves and garage-door openers.

How to take a screenshot of the current window only

Your screen will dim, and you can use Snip & Sketch as you normally would. From here, simply select the shape you want the screenshot to be in and use the tool as normal. For example, when you click the Rectangle Snip, the screenshot you take will be, as you might have guessed, in a rectangle that you create.

  • Force quitting an application is the act of killing a task when it is so down and out that it won’t even register the ‘quit’ command.
  • Open an image editing program like Paint and hit Ctrl + V to paste the image from the clipboard, you can then save it as a file.
  • Option to allow exceptions access in Firewall was greyed out.
  • You can use CTRL + ALT + something or CTRL + SHIFT + something.

Install the latest software update to improve the overall stability of the system. However, if your programs occasionally get stuck, you can use this blog as your guide to force quit apps on Windows and other OS. We sincerely hope that you could force close the program that got stuck using the abovementioned methods. If you cannot complete the program using the mentioned steps, you can force reboot your PC by pressing your power button on the keyboard for a couple of seconds. If you cannot force close the frozen application or program by using the command.

Method #1: Use The Alt+F4 Keyboard Shortcut To Close A Program

I also recommend you to use this way for easy and steady results. On your touch-enabled Windows PC or Tablet, tap and hold the Bluetooth Icon after swiping down from the top. This command will launch the Bluetooth app on your Mac or Mac mini for you to check if it stopped Bluetooth. You can use the Shift key+Tab key combination or Ctrl and Shift modifiers to move the cursor with the arrow keys when mouse clicks aren’t possible. From the Airplane Mode tab on the left, you should see the Wireless Devices section with the option to turn Bluetooth on.

To automatically save your screen captures to the cloud, you can combine the PrtSc key with OneDrive. This method automatically saves the screenshot to a OneDrive folder. That way, you don’t have to open an app to paste the screenshot. And you have a backup that is accessible wherever you go. However, unlike when you press the PrtSc key, you don’t need to paste the screenshot in an image editor app.