Microsoft to discontinue Windows 10 S in favour of ‘S Mode’

To my huge surprise, Windows 11 performs better than Windows 10 on my laptop. I first installed Windows 11 in HDD and was surprised to see how quickly it boots up compared to Windows 10. I have used applications like Adobe Photoshop, XAMPP, and Visual Studio Code.

People who want to try Microsoft’s latest experiments can hop into the Dev Channel, but this channel includes bleeding-edge updates. If you want something “extremely stable”, you can try the latest version of Windows, but with ongoing advanced quality updates and key features in the Release Preview Channel. Samsung Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360 reshape the PC for mobile-first consumers by bringing together next-generation connectivity, ultra-portable design and elevated performance. With complete Samsung Galaxy ecosystem integration, the Galaxy Book Pro series is now the ultimate link between your devices, fully connecting your digital world. The Acer Swift 5 (SF514-55) ultrathin-and-light notebook marries an uber-stylish design with the latest performance technology.

Consumer notebook PCs tested with Windows 10

While Microsoft encouraged everyone to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, only those with modern processors will be offered the free upgrade to Windows 11. It’s this decision, one that Microsoft puts down to security, that has marred Windows 11 in controversy before its release. There’s a new Start menu that ditches the Live Tiles that were originally introduced in Windows 8. There’s a new design that introduces rounded corners in place of Windows 10’s sharp angles, and some depth and color to Windows. And there’s a new Windows app store that’s far more open, with more of the apps you actually use on Windows.

  • PCs simply can’t take advantage of the speeds that modern SSDs offer, but DirectStorage brings that technology from Xbox to Windows 11 computers.
  • You have successfully uninstalled a program from your Windows 11 PC.
  • Each build of Windows 10 is supported for 18 months after its original release.

Keep Windows up to date.By default, Windows updates automatically. That means you might occasionally get download from here an update you don’t want and can’t prevent. But generally, you’ll want your updates right away – some updates are urgent security fixes.

macOS Big Sur, Catalina updates bring a bundle of critical security fixes

Quantum dots—nanoparticles of semiconductor material—absorb photons and then use that energy to emit light of a different wavelength. In a QD-OLED display, all the diodes emit blue light. To get red and green, the appropriate diodes are covered with red or green QDs. The result is a paper-thin display with a broad range of colors that remain accurate over time.

The idea being that a student could use it all day without recharging it. Microsoft also says the Windows 10 S Mode has greater speed. It’s a reasonable claim that if it doesn’t have to load the full bloat of Windows 10, it will start up faster than full Windows 10.

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Opera browser is another option that you can consider for downloading large files. It has millions of active users on desktop and mobile. Built-in VPN, tracker blocker, workspaces, snapshot tool, battery saver, etc., are some of its key features. Windows 11 bring a lot to the table, as its new take on UI is accompanied by gaming PC features like Auto HDR and speedy DirectStorage API for loading games faster.